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Jay Cochrane, the world's premiere high wire walker, completes his first skywalk of the summer in Niagara Falls, Canada, on Thursday, July 6, 2007 as he passes by the Skylon Tower. Cochrane will skywalk twice daily on the 1,000 foot long wire between his two specially made 200 foot tall towers (20 stories). In the ten-week schedule, Cochrane will walk over 20 miles on the wire. Called "Up Close and Personal with Jay Cochrane," the skywalks are an effort to secure permission for Cochrane to skywalk over Niagara Falls.

Jay Cochrane, "The Prince of the Air," skywalks over Planet Hollywood in Niagara Falls, Ontario, at a height of 140 feet and 300 feet across with the American Falls in the distance on 25 June 2002. Cochrane will perform the walk three times daily from June 28 to Labor Day in "Up Close and Personal with Jay Cochrane," a summer of performances to raise money for the Tender Wishes Foundation of Niagara Falls.

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